Swap Meet List your items

Note: This page is for swap items only. Please post on pages appropriate to or closest to your contribution!

Rules to list items here:

  • Pictures must be linked to an external site at this time
  • Items must be directly Ham radio related
  • Items must be personal excess, and not flipping or marketing
  • It does not matter if an item is sold for profit or loss, a business (non-personal sale) is a business
  • There is no limit to sales of personal excess here so long as the item was not bought to flip
  • The exception to all these rules would be group purchases for the benefit of local hams

Rules on the air:

  • The repeater or on-the-air swaps must be occasional sales and should probably be limited to just one or two different items a month.
  • Price can be mentioned,
  • The exact FCC over-the-air rule is: “47 CFR § 97.113 (ii) An amateur operator may notify other amateur operators of the availability for sale or trade of apparatus normally used in an amateur station, provided that such activity is not conducted on a regular basis.”