Huge Equipment Sell-off

As soon as reasonably possible I will be having a Ham “yard sale”. I hope to bring a few items to the Forsyth Tailgate on May 11, 2024.

This personal equipment sell-off is probably going to be larger than many Hamfests or trunk sales for used and new gear. I have tens of thousands of parts and components as well as many old and new radios of all types. A few pictures will be posted here. All equipment can be tested here or sold as is. If you see something you want, contact me prior to the sale.

The sale will include the following (and much more):

Working and tested ham radio amplifiers including Heathkit, Command, Ameritron, and others from 630M through HF into VHF. All amplifiers are fully operational, some are well over 3kW output. The largest movable amplifier is a Command Export model with three 3CX800A7 tubes. This amplifier very easily runs 4kW PEP. There are larger HF amplifiers that require professional cartage. I do not have any large CB amplifiers.

Test equipment including an HP8753 with all accessories as well as a HP4191A impedance test set. I also have scopes and meters of all types.

Drake C lines, these are untested, some are experimental, and all are loaded with filters. There are parts that include a noise blanker board and extra filters. These will be sold in one lot of approximately ten units, mostly receivers but a few transmitters. This is a bulk offering for around $1500 for the lot. You are buying radios that some work, some do not, some are hacked up for experiments, and almost all can be fixed.

VLF equipment including a complete AM tube-type NBD transmitter in a five foot rack.

FT1000MP MKV (200) radios loaded with filters and other HF radios. There is a working six meter converter matching the FT1000MP MKV. THESE ARE CLEAN WORKING RADIOS!

Dozens of new and used antenna switches, including manual and remote switches. All brands from Ameritron to DX Engineering to Top Ten.

Station accessories like DSP units, noise cancellers, remote antenna switches, lighting protection, and other useful items

Dozens of cabinets and chassis, indoor and outdoor types from inches up to a few feet

Outdoor and indoor cabinets

Thousands and thousands of parts types including vacuum relays, vacuum capacitors, edge wound, and roller inductors

Prepper parts including solar panels and inverters

Antennas including trap verticals and an 18HT Hytower

Monoband HF Yagis new in box

High power and receiving tubes

Antenna tuners

Vintage transmitters and receivers and parts

Homebrew equipment from breadboard to modern

Coaxial cable and connectors